Chandrayaan 3 Landing Successful: India on Moon,We are witness to the new flight of new India; new history has been written says PM Modi on successful landing of Chandrayaan

“No country has reached there (the South Pole of the moon) before. With the hard work of our scientists we have reached there,” says PM Modi on the soft landing of ISRO’s third lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 on the moon.

“Humne dharti par sankalp kiya aur chand pe usse sakaar kiya…India is now on the Moon,” says PM Modi.

Elon Musk reacted to a post which read: ‘Kinda crazy when you realize India’s budget for Chandrayaan-3 ($75M) is less than the film Interstellar ($165M)’, The cost of India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission stood at Rs 615 crore ($75 million) in 2020 – less than half the budget of the Hollywood film Interstellar, which was completed at a cost of $165 million. While astounding, the numbers don’t lie – a film about space cost more than an actual space mission.

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