Lunar Water: A Vital Discovery for Sustainable Moon Living

Water on the Moon has been a hot topic among scientists. Water ice has been located in the Moon’s polar craters, and NASA’s Ice-Mining Experiment-1 is set to explore its usability in early 2024.

In 2020, NASA found trace amounts of water molecules on the sunlit surface, but they are lost to space due to sunlight decomposition. Water is also present in the extremely thin lunar atmosphere.

Water on the Moon exists chemically bound to lunar minerals, not as free water. Adsorbed water is found in trace concentrations across much of the Moon’s surface.

Evidence of free water ice at the lunar poles has accumulated over the years, with notable discoveries dating back to 1976 and more recent confirmations in 2018 and 2020.

Scientists believe lunar water could have been delivered by comets, asteroids, and meteoroids or generated in situ by solar wind’s impact on oxygen-bearing minerals.

The search for lunar water is vital for long-term lunar habitation plans, making it a key focus of recent lunar missions.

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